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The success of Sayers Partners depends on having highly talented people in every position. We make it our goal to hire passionate, driven, intelligent, diverse and enthusiastic problem-solvers eager to contribute to the advancement of our ambitions.


We are extremely proud of the quality of our staff who provide high superior personal service to our clients, proactive advice to our business clients, uphold a practice culture of excellence in client service without compromising the quality of the work and advice given. Our staff are provided with the opportunity of personal and professional development, growth in skills and personal interrelationships and rewarding working experiences via fulfilling work and excellent environment and working conditions.


We see our employees as more than human resources. To a degree, the relationship is similar to that of a coach to a team, as team members look to us for guidance on professional, ethical and, on occasions, personal matters, and we try to help them achieve their personal goals while also working toward the goals of the firm.

We currently have six professional employees, three support staff and an administration supervisor.

We are always on the lookout for experienced team members and are prepared to consider flexible work arrangements such as part-time or job-sharing in a new position.


Graduates or undergraduates are hired and trained by the more experienced team members.

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